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Jun 17, 2021
In The Exhibitionist
I've been without my V12 for the past 5 months but got her back from AM (who finally fixed the warranty issue) last Thursday and managed a weekend away We had a fabulous weekend driving in the country and I must say it was worth the wait Graeme
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Jun 14, 2021
In The Speakeasy
Well the weekend just passed was a group weekend away (mid winter down here) for a group of mates who love cars and finding great driving roads. The idea was hatched following a long weekend to Bathurst 12 Hour WEC race in January 2020, and the inability to go this year due to Covid and its deprivations. We planned a 2 night stay in the Bunya Mountains (about 3 to 4 hour dive from Brisbane) as it was known to one of the guys and it promised some interesting driving. We met before dawn for an early coffee starter at the all night coffee mecca "Death before Decaf" in New Farm. then proceeded to go over what passes for a mountain in these parts (Mt Nebo & Mt Glorious - elevation of 600m above sea level) and down the other side to the Brisbane Valley which is home to our city's major water storage dams (Lake Wivenhoe & Lake Somerset), with a stop at Somerset not long adfter sun up for a stretch and a chat. From there we made our way along some fabulous twisty country roads with little traffic in sighta nd stopped for breakfast at Blackbutt a small rural town in the southern part of the South Burnett with a population of 860 people. Breakfast & some passable coffee later we moved on towards the wonderfull roads between Maiden well and The Bunya Mountains. where there was some lovely rainforest and stunning roads. The stretch between Maiden well and the top of the climb being a highlight (including the few kms of gravel to suitably dirty up the previously pristine collection of cars) The view from the lookout to the west from the Bunyas is quite special and the locals live a very peaceful and easy life due to the verdant microclimate The accommodation was rustic but perfect for the two nights On Saturday we headed further north to a local Vineyard - Dusty hill Wines in Moffatdale where we again found some mostly un inhabited windy roads through some wonderful Australian countryside. The Vineyard was a hive of activity and provided a pleasant venue for a quiet Saturday lunch (much needed after Friday night) saturday night saw us back at the Bunyas after "THAT" climb up from Maidenwell - what a treat Sunday was time to come back home along similar roads to the way up there and the convoy of V12 Vantage, V8 Vantage, Vanquish, Jaguar F Type, C632 Merc and the mighty MGB all acquitted themselves brilliantly, with the only hiccups being some badly damaged and cracked windscreens form flying gravel. A greta weekend, lots of laughs, lots of wonderful driving, no incidents and a brilliant group of friends thanks to TM, GR, AH, RS, GM, and CB for the fun! Graze
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May 17, 2021
In Marques Avenue
So I bought an F Type R for a daily. Its a hoot and so far I'm really happy as a fun car.
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Apr 09, 2021
In The Newbie Zone
Ok just joined, lets see how this goes - well I hope! V12 VantageS owner, based in Brisbane Australia, so I know I wont get to be part of many (or maybe any) of your drive days but interested to hear whats going on and share some of what we do downunder. Here's my car in northern NSW in January 2021.
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